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Good news for you, every industry needs computer expertise to keep their business, communication, or processes efficient. So, many organizations will search students or recent graduates in Computer Science! If you are among people thinking internships are not necessary for a career in IT, well hopefully we will be able to change your mind. And If you are trying to get a computer science internship, we also have a few advice for you, so keep reading!

Internship in Computer Science: other word for first step in your career

Before you get your Computer Science degree, an internship may allow you to gain real-world experience and understanding! While your studies provide you with strong theoretical assets, an internship will provide you with the opportunity to apply, challenge, and upgrade your skills as a student, and to experience the inner workings of the field you will soon enter.
Future employers will especially welcome the positive signal sent by working as an intern. Not only are your skills put to the test, but it shows what a motivated and enthusiastic person you truly are. In addition, the internship is a great way to build the first foundations of your professional network. Through the internship, you will have the unique opportunity to meet your future mentors, employers, and colleagues, or simply work closely with a seasoned IT professional.
Companies are attentive to promising computer science students and know how difficult finding a high-quality employee can be. Therefore, an internship may be an ideal solution for you to demonstrate your abilities and land a position in a near future.
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Too young to work, but skilled enough to try!

Companies will need you to have completed basic Computer Science training. You will have more chance to find an internship position if you finish your first set of coursework or your freshman year.

As Computer Science is a highly competitive field, you will need persistence in your application process, and perseverance to land your first internship position. Of course LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed will provide you with many internship opportunities, but you can also get in touch with your teachers, academic advising and career planning officer, or alumni’s network, to find a computer science intern position.

How to get a computer science internship: our top advice to increase your chances.

To get the recruiter's attention while looking for your computer science internship, make sure your applications email is highly tailored by visiting companies’ website, in order to feel comfortable with their work, organization, people and culture before you send your application. Explain the technical skills you can bring the company, the programming you master, more basically the your entire skill sets and why you chose them as a starting point of your career. Make sure you do not just apply, but bring a purpose with you. Precise if you are looking for a software engineer team position, or if you would better like to work with the coding team etc.

Seems hard for you to combine courses and internship ? Go for summer internship !

Summer could be the perfect time to start as an intern Computer Scientists. Companies face summer holidays and might need your precious help at this specific time of the year.

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Gain experience, build connections, refine and precise your career etc. There are many reasons you should try to find an internship. At International Institute in Geneva, we think internship is a wonderful way to feel and take temperature of your future work market. We would be happy to give some precious advice on the swiss IT market, on your career choices or share our network with you, to make sure you get this very first opportunity.

We hope you are now more comfortable with the question of how to get an internship in computer science !

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