To maintain teaching excellence, the Institute encourages its faculty to carry out research*, consultancies, participate actively in professional conferences and publish.


To maintain teaching excellence, the Institute encourages its faculty to carry out research*, consultancies, participate actively in professional conferences and publish.


Research at the IIG


The International Institute in Geneva (IIG) is cognisant of the fact that cultivating a research-based approach is important to developing effective ways to strengthen our teaching and students’ learning experience. By enhancing research activities through competitive grants, the IIG contributes to the industry sectors and communities that it serves. This policy is aligned with IIG mission of providing high-quality education and research for student success in business and international careers as well as the IIG’s commitment to serving a just and sustainable society. Research activities are guided by a Research Policy. 


IIG’s major Research areas

- Ethics and Sustainability

- International Relations, Security and Diplomacy

- Business analytics and AI

- International Management and Digital innovation 

- Risk Management and Strengthening Supply Chains


Research Committee and Head of Research


The Research Committee is committed to boosting research activities and culture at the IIG in collaboration with Heads of Departments, the faculty, and students. It keeps regular communication with the IIG academic community through the Head of Research who is present on campus to respond to research-related queries and assumes the operational direction of research activities.

The research committee is responsible for:

1. Seed funds allocation and decisions on the remuneration of faculty for research work

2. Funds allocation to support faculty that gain advanced qualification or degree (DBA,

PhD, etc.)

3. Preparation and organisation of research conferences, workshops, and other research-

related events in the areas identified.

4. Supervision the publication of the IIG’s journal

5. Collecting information on all research activities of the faculty in a data bank

6. Quality check of the content to be covered by the research modules at the master’s

level and theses

7. Supervision and organisation of graduate conferences

8. Evaluation of students’ essays in the framework of essay contests

9. Elaboration of research strategy for the IIG



- Vice president for External Relations (Chair)

- Head of Research (Co-chair and recorder)

- 3 Faculty representatives


Committee guests

- Student representative (student representative in charge of academic matters if needed)

- External research expert

- Academic Dean (upon agenda)


Publications by Faculty


IIG’s faculty regularly publish scholarly papers and books. The latest publications can be found here (link: Complete publications lists are available on Faculty profiles (link:

Journal of International Business and Diplomacy

In addition, the Institute publishes its own Journal of International Business and Diplomacy a refereed journal. These activities enable the faculty to incorporate the latest thinking, research findings and the most recent practical applications in their courses.



Claude Cellich, International Institute in Geneva, Switzerland


Associate Editors:

• Daria Dyakonova, International Institute in Geneva, Switzerland

• Carole Sutton, University of Plymouth, UK


Editorial Review Board Members:

•       Mladen Andrlic, Ambassador of Croatia in Hungary, Croatia

•       Kip Becker, Boston University, USA

•       Shab Hundal, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

•       Liu Hong, University of Otago, New Zealand

•       Juneyoung Lee, World Trade Organization, Switzerland

•       Octavio Peralta, UN Global Compact Network, Philippines

•       Ravi Sarathy, Northeastern University, USA

•       Ravi Shanker, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, India

•       Ludmila Sterbova, University of Economics, Czech Republic

•       Nikos Tsourakis, University of Geneva, Switzerland

•       Stephen Weiss, York University, Canada


For further information on research activities at the IIG please contact Head of Research Dr. Daria Dyakonova:

*see IIG Research Policy