At IIG, we aim to cultivate future leaders committed to building a sustainable and ethical world. Through our comprehensive bachelor's and master's programs, we empower students to drive positive change, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to address global challenges with integrity and innovation.

IIG Sustainability Strategy focuses on all 3 pillars: environmental, social and economic and is a fundamental part of the IIG Vision, Mission and Strategic planning


Student Council’s activities

At IIG, students are actively engaged in our local community, participating in various charitable initiatives and sustainable projects. Through hands-on experiences and collaborative partnerships, our students lead impactful efforts to promote social responsibility and environmental stewardship, fostering a culture of empathy and positive change.


United nations Women’s Guild Bazaar (UNWG) : 14th November 2023

The United Nations Women's Guild organized his annual Bazaar on Tuesday 14th November, and our students volunteered at Palais des nations to raise money for children in need throughout the world.


Fondation Partage : 18th January 2024

Students volunteered to Foundation Partage to prepare some bags which will be distributed to people in need.


Bake sale for Charity:

Every month, student council organize a bake sale, which all proceeds go to Charity


Associations that student council are supporting this year:

Partage is a food bank which collects, manages and redistributes essentials products to help people in need


Association pour la sauvegarde du Lac Leman, whose aim is to safeguard the water quality and aquatic ecosystems of the area around the Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), including both the lake itself and its many rivers.

Principle for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

IIG is proud to be a signatory member of PRME, a United Nations-supported initiatives that aims to raise the profile of sustainability in business schools around the world, equipping faculty, staff and students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow. As a voluntary initiative with over 800 signatories worldwide, PRME has become the largest organized relationship between the United Nations and management-related higher education institutions. 


With this announcement, IIG is proud to join over 800+ business and management schools worldwide committed to transforming management education and developing the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. PRME engages their Signatory Members to report on their progress in their sustainability journey and provides them with resources for curriculum, skill set, and pedagogical development as well as platforms for knowledge sharing.


IIG is also proud to be involved in these upcoming initiatives:

LEAP Researchers

Oikos and PRME have created the Leap researchers’ program: a program for the joint personal and professional development of early career researchers – Masters and PhD students and post-doctoral researchers addressing sustainability challenges. It fosters collaboration and skill development for sustainable leadership. It brings also individualized coaching and collaborative learning for early career researchers worldwide and develop a community of practice empowering participants to embed sustainability in academic and institutional contexts.


2024 PRME Faculty Teaching Awards

The PRME Faculty Teaching Awards recognize excellence in teaching sustainable development and responsible management practices in business education. The Faculty Teaching Awards seek to honor innovative and impactful pedagogical contributions that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and align with the pedagogical interests of the PRME community. We believe that by acknowledging and rewarding outstanding pedagogical practices, we can drive meaningful change in transforming business education.


Call for Academics: Research Opportunity on Student Perspectives

PRME and HE4G are establishing a cohort of researchers to analyze the Youth Talks dataset from different perspectives, with the aim of writing papers that will feed into the United Nations Summit of the Future in September 2024. Some of our faculty members have applied to join this study.


Besides dedicated modules focusing on Ethics and Sustainability, IIG ensures that all modules have at least one learning outcome about Ethics and Sustainability in every discipline it teaches. This aims at showing to students that sustainability should be embedded in everything we do rather than a stand alone practice outside of core organizational processes.

Sustainability is one the key research areas of IIG. Several research projects – lead by faculty and / or students are focusing on sustainability aspects. Current research projects are available on the dedicated research page.

Economic and social

On the economic side, IIG rules, governance and audit practices ensure the institution is financially stable today and tomorrow. This ensures that the Institute will be able to face any unforeseen situation and protect its key stakeholders’ interests. From a social perspective, the IIG has developed a set of standards and policies which are constantly reviewed and reinforced such as the anti-discrimination policy or its extremism and radicalisation risk assessment. The IIG promotes as well practices encouraging equality and development opportunities across its staff, faculty and students. Finally, several services are offered to support and protect the students notably through its health and safety policy.


Past projects

Student council raised money during academic year 2022-2023 to support Medecins sans Frontières

A cheque has been handed over to them during the Commencement Ceremony in June 2023

The IIG Student Council were also moved to raise funds for Save the Children, to support their work in protecting children and their rights. Our exceptionally international and multicultural student body are motivated by a sense of connection with children, around the world, and are passionate about working together to build an equitable future for all.