You can go and surf on the most used jobsearch sites:




Many multinational companies offer internships and positions directly via their websites and require that you apply online. Therefore, go and visit regularly the websites of the companies your are interested in. For example, the following companies and institutions require on-line applications:









International Red Cross:






United Nations Organization:

  • (Click on "Advanced Vacancy Search" and then select "Geneva" as the Duty Station)


EFTA - European Free Trade Association:


World Health Organization:


International Labour Organization


High Commissioner for Refugees:

  • (Click on "Administration" and then on "Internships")


International Trade Centre - UNCTAD / WTO


World Trade Organization


To know more about companies surf on the following websites:

    This website presents large company profiles (in french and some in english) located in Switzerland. It also provides helpful tips on job search and applications. Brief english version (choose french for complete services).
    This excellent website describes the different types of working opportunities that are offered to young graduates. It also presents some companies that recruit young graduates for starting jobs. Click on "Careers Database" and select Switzerland as Country.
    This link gives you a list of all the multinationals based in Geneva