The International Institute in Geneva is governed by a foundation board.
The Senior Academic Committee and the Alumni Advisory Council participates in the strategic decisions of the Institution


The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board, also referred to as the Board of Trustees, is the supreme
governing body of the IIG Foundation. The mission of the institution is approved by the Swiss Supervisory Authorities for foundations.
The Board members meet once a year and approve the annual audited reports, budget and the activity report of the CEO.

The current Board members are : Olivier Brunisholz (Chairman), Clementina Acedo, Robert Volki and Eric Willumsen (Secretary).


Senior Academic Committee

Senior Academic Committee, which meets once a month, is constituted of Head of Departments, the President, the Registrar, the Academic Dean and the Assistant to the Dean. General academic issues ranging from program progression, new modules to be added or existing modules to be deleted or modified are discussed. Faculty’s academic performance related issues and student performance/ feedback (academic) are also discussed in this meeting.


The Alumni Advisory Council

The institution complements its governance with the Alumni Advisory Council which assists the CEO and the University in strategy decisions. In particular, it contributes to the Strategic Plan, the academic programs and the University’s public relations’ activities. It is an advisory board and has no decision making status.


Organization Chart