The International Institute in Geneva welcomes transfer students from recognized universities around the world and towards this end has established links with other universities through an international network. 
The transfer student is responsible for having all the official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office of the International Institute in Geneva. The Admissions Office will inform the student on the number of credits that have been accepted.
The applicant must submit the official transcripts during the application process and within the first semester of his/her registration. No transfer credits evaluation can be processed after the first semester of enrollment.
The process is the following  : 
- Transfer applicants who have attended another university and wish to have those credits evaluated and applied towards their degree at the International Institute in Geneva, must submit official transcripts. 
- Transfer credits (TC) will be allowed for relevant courses that show “C” or better for undergraduate students, or a “B” or better for graduate students. Please note that in the undergraduate programs the Institute will accept a maximum of 90 ECTS transfer credits.
- Courses must be appropriate to the IIG curriculum.
- Transfer credit is recorded as credit (TC) only and is not computed in the cumulative grade point average.