Each year the Student Council selects a charity of popular vote, put forward by the students . The year is then dedicated to charitable events organised and run by the Council for the students of the university to participate in.

UNICEF was chosen in 2006-2007. The most memorable event of the year was the end of year annual university barbeque ( raising over 1000 CHF) organised for student and faculty members. All proceeds raised were donated to UNICEF. Funds were raised via Soccer and Volleyball tournaments, and a bake sale. The importance of this donation was emphasised by a representative of UNICEF as he emphasised the cost of vaccinations to children in Africa ( around 1 CHF ) and how much of a difference each event can make to improve the well being of poor countries.

The chosen charity of 2008-2009 was put forward by the new office of the Student Council 2008. The Roger Federer Foundation is this years annual charity. The foundation strives to finance selected projects within the field of schooling and education for impecunious children in Africa's poorest regions. It also aims to promote sports for the youth in Switzerland by means of suitable measures. Several initiatives have been taken to raise money, which include quarterly dinners, a bake sale, and two parties. A total of 10,000 CHF will be donated to Roger Federer's foundation.

Each year the university supports Terre des Hommes, a charity designed to help children from third world countries to come to Switzerland to undergo required medical treatment, who otherwise cannot afford it. The University participates in the selling of oranges around Geneva to help promote awareness and raise funds for Terre des Hommes.